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Gregoir embodies vision, infusing elegance into Mobility and Lifestyle.

In Gregoir Mobility, innovation shines through our commitment to progress and a strong European distribution network. We proudly serve global premium brands like BMW, MINI, BMW-Motorrad, Canondale, and Specialized, translating emerging design and technology trends into meaningful, responsible lifestyle choices.

With Gregoir Lifestyle, we curate immersive showroom experiences that go beyond their purpose, while Camerich is furnishing urban spaces across Benelux, France, and Germany with premium lifestyle products, creating refined havens for relaxation in elegant tranquility.

Gregoir’s long-term vision powers our evolution, embracing the creative synergy between heritage and modernity – with people at its heart. Harmonizing the bold, beautiful, and the functional… creating balance with the natural world. This vision drives our passion for personal service, excellence and prosperous growth: delighting clients with a new luxury.

Hervé Gregoir Owner & CEO

Our Manifesto

Empower, enrich and expand


Gregoir works to empower, enrich and expand the reach of manufacturers of leading luxury brands in the automotive, residential, furniture, lifestyle, and related industries across Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, France and Germany.


We operate as the natural extension of these brands, serving as wholesale and retail distributors, value creators, service champions, brand ambassadors and centres of excellence.


Gregoir believes that truly great design, like true luxury, is born from courage: the courage to think outside the box and do things differently. The courage to take a stand. The courage to strive for better solutions that move the world onwards to a more beautiful, functional future.


Our passion for impeccable service, elegance and design excellence – combining heritage with modernity - is inspired by a mixture of classical and contemporary visionaries.

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